Coding Wisely is a Laravel-oriented web application development company based in Temerin, Serbia

Our extensive service offering includes planning and building web applications for a wide variety of clients.

Skilled technical proficiency, responsibility, innovation and cost-effectiveness are the core values that we bring to every project.

Founded by an experienced PHP developer with a passion for developing quality code, Coding Wisely offers exceptional service at competitive rates.

Our Services

We Build Web Apps, Websites & Mobile Apps

With a combination of technical excellence and creativity, Coding Wisely crafts elegant solutions designed to meet our client's needs in the form of web applications and websites

We use a selection of trusted open-source platforms and tools to ensure high performance and easy scalability.

Web Applications

Laravel is our favourite PHP web framework for building web applications, as it empowers us to move quickly, is highly accessible to developers and is well-respected in the industry.


We use a variety of platforms to power websites of all sizes, depending on each client's requirements. We use the popular Content Management Systems Statamic and, as well as reputable front-end frameworks like React, Gatsby and Vue.js.

Mobile Applications

We work with a variety of programming languages including Java, GoLang, Objective-C, Kotlin, and Apple's Swift. We are proficient in Native iOS and Native Android applications.

Web Application Hosting

Through our partnership with Workshop Orange and we leverage the power of the Kubernetes deployment system through the Lagoon application delivery platform.

About Us

Coding Wisely was founded in 2014 in Thailand. This was while our founder, Vladimir Nikolic, was travelling the world as a digital nomad and making valuable international connections.

Coding Wisely is not restricted to a conventional office; our people work remotely, enjoying the freedom and flexibility offered by remote work. We pride ourselves on being a diverse international team with a wealth of experience and different perspectives!

Our Values

Skill: We bring years of technical skill and knowledge to each project.

Responsibility: We take pride in our work and act responsibly when it comes to deadlines, to make sure we keep the promises we make to clients. We believe in the value of going above and beyond.

Innovation: While we listen carefully to each client's needs, we don't simply “follow orders”. We take a proactive approach and think critically about every project, to ensure we deliver the best possible results every time.

Cost-effectiveness: Choosing a Serbian software development provider costs far less than a US- or EU-based provider, with no compromise on quality.

For example: If you partner with one of our American or Canadian counterparts, you'll pay somewhere between $150 and $180 per hour.
Coding Wisely hours are much more cost-effective - reach out to us for a free consultation on your project and our projected fees!


Coding Wisely has a strategic alliance with Workshop Orange, the remote-first, no limits, no boundaries digital agency. Our teams have been collaborating for more than 7 years, with Coding Wisely being Workshop Orange's de facto Laravel development centre.

In this partnership, Workshop Orange brings the strategy, project management and creative vision, while Coding Wisely provides the deeply technical Laravel skills. is a global Managed Service Provider. We deliver secure, enterprise-grade WebOps solutions and services, leveraging the open source application delivery platform Lagoon - specifically built for Kubernetes-based modern cloud environments.

Contact Us

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