Award winning developer studio based in Serbia.

Our extensive service offering includes planning and building Web applications for a wide variety of clients.

Skilled technical proficiency, responsibility, innovation and cost-effectiveness are the core values that we bring to every project.

Founded by an experienced PHP developer with a passion for developing quality code, Coding Wisely offers exceptional service at competitive rates.

We’ve worked with hundreds of amazing people. Here are some of them!

Thanks to their professionalism and attention to detail, my online presence has never been stronger, leading to a significant boost in traffic and conversions. I highly recommend Coding Wisely to anyone seeking to elevate their digital presence.

- Leading Agricultural market in Africa

Services - Unlocking Digital Potential: Where Code Meets Wisdom

Coding Wisely offers a comprehensive spectrum of services, from meticulous code reviews and legacy system enhancements to cutting-edge web development, all crafted to empower your digital aspirations.

  • Web development.

    Harnessing the synergy of Laravel, Livewire, Vue, and Tailwind, our web development prowess delivers dynamic, responsive, and visually captivating digital experiences that elevate your online presence to new heights.

  • Application development.

    At Coding Wisely, we transform visionary concepts into reality through meticulous application development, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and a depth of expertise to craft seamless, innovative, and user-centric solutions.

  • Code reviews.

    Clients entrust us with their code reviews, relying on our expertise to uncover any discrepancies, overcharges, or subpar implementations, fostering a sense of confidence in the integrity of their web app projects developed in Laravel.

  • Rewriting legacy code in laravel, upgrades and consultation.

    We rejuvenate outdated systems with modern efficiency, providing comprehensive legacy code rewriting, seamless upgrades, and expert consultation, ensuring optimal performance and future-proofing through the power of Laravel.

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Our team of experienced designers and developers has just one thing on their mind; working on your ideas to draw a smile on the face of your users worldwide. From conducting Brand Sprints to UX Design.

Enhancing Laravel Filament V3 Development with Vite and Livewire Hot Reload

As a developer, rapid iteration and real-time feedback are crucial for efficient web development. In this article, we delve into the integration of Vite and Livewire hot reload into Laravel Filament V3, the robust admin panel package for Laravel. Discover how this powerful combination can elevate your development workflow, allowing instant updates in the browser without the hassle of manual refreshes. Learn how to seamlessly set up Vite with Laravel, tackle the nuances of Filament V3, and effortlessly combine Vite and Livewire for a seamless and productive development experience.

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How to run Pint and Pest on Git hooks with Laravel Sail

It's very handy to have something like this automatically done when we are about to commit our code and will perform Pint and Pest automatically. Not only that we will show you how to did that when work with Sail. All you have to do just one config and we done. I will show you how.

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Do you have a problem in 2023 that sometimes PHP Storm wont work with X debug 3

Debugging your PHP code is an essential part of the development process. PHPStorm and XDebug 3 are powerful tools that can help you debug your code efficiently. However, sometimes you may encounter an issue where the debugger never stops on a breakpoint. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot this issue.

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How to run Pest tests along PHPstorm and Laravel Sail

I am thrilled to be using Pest for PHP testing! The syntax is incredibly readable and expressive, which makes writing and maintaining tests a joy. I love how Pest's conversational style feels more like a natural language than a coding language, making it so easy to understand what each test is doing. The additional features, such as test parallelization and coverage reports, are a huge bonus that help me to be more productive and confident in my work. Overall, Pest has transformed my testing experience and made me a very happy developer!

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