About us - Our strength is collaboration

We believe that our strength lies in our collaborative approach, which puts our clients at the center of everything we do.

Coding Wisely was founded in 2014 in Thailand. This was while our founder, Vladimir Nikolic, was travelling the world as a digital nomad and making valuable international connections.

Coding Wisely is not restricted to a conventional office; our people work remotely, enjoying the freedom and flexibility offered by remote work. We pride ourselves on being a diverse international team with a wealth of experience and different perspectives!

Our culture - Balance your passion with your passion for life.

We are a group of like-minded people who share the same core values.

  • Loyalty. We foster unwavering loyalty by valuing and supporting our team members, clients, and partners, creating a collaborative and enduring community.
  • Trust. Trust forms the foundation of Coding Wisely, where transparent communication and consistent excellence empower us to forge strong relationships and deliver exceptional results.
  • Compassion. Guided by empathy and compassion, Coding Wisely is dedicated to making a positive impact not only through innovative coding solutions but also by caring deeply for our people, clients, and the wider community.
  • Skill. We bring years of technical skill and knowledge to each project.
  • Responsibility. We take pride in our work and act responsibly when it comes to deadlines, to make sure we keep the promises we make to clients. We believe in the value of going above and beyond.
  • Innovation. While we listen carefully to each client's needs, we don't simply “follow orders”. We take a proactive approach and think critically about every project, to ensure we deliver the best possible results every time.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Choosing a Serbian software development provider costs far less than a US- or EU-based provider, with no compromise on quality.


  • Vladimir Nikolic

    Founder / CEO

  • Antoni Putra


Web Development Team

  • Zarko Nemcanin

    Team lead, Senior Full Stack Developer

  • Wiiwi Wilasinee

    Senior Full Stack Developer

  • Taratee Bunchamp

    Senior Full stack developer

Mobile Development Team

  • Nemanja Nikolic

    Nemanja Nikolic

    Mobile Team lead, Senior IOS and Android Engineer

  • Miljana Radenkovic

    Miljana Radenkovic

    Senior IOS and Android Engineer

QA, Marketing and CS

  • Siriporn Ming Nikolic

    Head of Marketing

  • Upras

    QA Lead

  • Olga

    VP, CR, User Experience

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Our team of experienced designers and developers has just one thing on their mind; working on your ideas to draw a smile on the face of your users worldwide. From conducting Brand Sprints to UX Design.

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